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agressi sunt mare tenebrarum, quid in eo esset exploraturi

Convergent music: Users versus corporations

Digitization and convergence have had a dramatic impact on how media is produced and consumed. This is especially noticeable in the field of music since this is one of the first media to be affected by the internet, and the one which most dramatically shows the contrast between previous methods of control and production, and new methods of production and consumption. This essay will examine these contrasts and how they have developed, and show how the opposing forces of corporations and users highlight the changes being brought about in other media as well. Continue reading

Web Media – Media Diary

Wednesday 30th November 20115:30 AM -6:05 AM Wake to clock radio tuned to ABC Radio National. Listen to (the BBC produced) My Music and the 6 o’clock news before turning it off and getting up.
Media type(s): AM radio.

6:15 AM -7:00 AM Go on the internet via laptop. Check emails, read through RSS feeds (and click on a selection to check out the full article – save some of these to hard drive), general internet browsing in between these activities, and downloading large files (eg YouTube videos) in background (since I am on limited broadband, and such downloads need to be done in ‘off-peak’ times to stay under my data limit).
Media type(s): Email, RSS, web pages, image, video – all mediated by the internet via a computer-based web browser.

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