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Global warming dissent: politics, not science.

Many different arguments are provided by those critical of climate change science. Three of the more common arguments are: that global warming is not caused by humans; that the global climate is actually cooling; and that climate is determined by the sun. Each of these three arguments will be more fully examined for accuracy and relevance, and shown to be false or incomplete. The nature of these arguments is that they fail to present a complete picture and are intended to create doubt, while anthropogenic global warming is a well-proven reality.In an Australian context two prominent academic sceptics of global warming are Ian Plimer and Bob Carter who make such arguments. Two separate papers published by them serve to exemplify these arguments and each will be used to highlight one of the contrary arguments. The third argument will be examined in the light of a self published book by West Australian scientist, David Archibald. The context and accuracy of these three arguments will then be explored in the light of the scientific argument and statistical data. Finally, it will be shown that these arguments are misdirection rather than a valid part of the climate change debate.

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