Disrecognized Space

agressi sunt mare tenebrarum, quid in eo esset exploraturi

Why a disrecognized space?

‘Disrecognized space’ is a phrase first used in the animated series Aeon Flux in reference to the border between the two political states in that series, Monica and Bregna.A recognized space and an unrecognized space both affirm the presence of that space, if in different ways, but a ‘disrecognized’ space is something Other, a postmodernist phrase that is unexplained in the television series.

In an act of Orwellian doublethink, it becomes a nonspace, an entity that fails to exist or not exist. Event Horizons explains this further:

Dis-recognized Space [describes] a country designated as a political exclusionary zone. The importance and usage here is obvious. In America, the homeless and mentally ill are in a very obvious way “dis-recognized” by society. Therefore, they inhabit an inherently liminal region that is deliberately not defined by language so society can avoid the messy outcome of it’s failed social policies and lack of personal compassion. The first step to reversing political powerlessness is to develop a direct and applicable descriptive language for one’s condition.

Disrecognized Space (this blog) recognizes that it’s not just an American condition. Nor is it limited to geographical space, since the spaces on the internet are also those liminal disrecognized junctures that neither exist or fail to exist. Hence, a blog that recognizes that situation.

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