Disrecognized Space

agressi sunt mare tenebrarum, quid in eo esset exploraturi

Web Publishing – Web presence consolidation

Changes were made to my blog to make it more a linked node rather than a stand-alone site and in order to present a more ‘professional’ image.

1) The major change was creating a new address with a title that better reflects a ‘space’ on the internet, but also a postmodernist space not specifically locatable, hence a ‘disrecognized’ space.
2) The blog theme was also updated. Dealing with the subject of minimalism I wanted a simple theme, but the original was too simple (and hyperlinks were difficult to distinguish). Having had the time to browse more themes I chose one that balanced simplicity with clarity of layout. I personalised it by utilising a Creative Commons licensed image which I tweaked (chosen because Silvereyes and Coral Trees are common in my location).
3) The tagline was replaced with a more serious one which also appears on my Twitter account, establishing a link between the two.
4) Categories were reduced to rationalise them and to delineate the difference between WordPress Categories and Tags, and tags were added to all posts. The chosen theme also highlights Categories more clearly.
5) The original blog had no links to indicate a wider web presence. The updated blog has a (brief, minimalist) blogroll, and my Twitter account has also been linked.

My original blog can be seen below.

Previous blog


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