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agressi sunt mare tenebrarum, quid in eo esset exploraturi

This is (not) me

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This image represents me in the electronic sphere. We like to think digital is ‘perfect’ (digital film is better than analogue, digital music is better than analogue) but digital hides as much as it reveals. Thus, my image reveals me and obscures me as it is mediated through the computer: taken by a webcam it displays inherent ambiguities in the technology. It is a performance (an aspect but not a totality) just as all social interactions. It is placed in space (real and electronic) but it is not located in any one place, just as electronic discourse is spaceless.


One thought on “This is (not) me

  1. Hi Robert,

    There certainly are differences in analogue and digital especially with photography. With digital you can afford to take a crap photo and delete it. Analogue costs money so i guess people might think more about what there doing. A photographer in know takes hundreds of pics and crosses her fingers that some are good and she ain’t cheap!
    Disclaimer: not any photographer listed on my facebook page.